Website Launch


We are excited to be launching presales on the 12th of April. It’s taken quite some time to produce our first collection and get it exactly how we want it.

Our aim has been and will continue to be about creating beautiful fitness products that align and create stunning studio or home gym environments, whilst pushing product functionality innovation and ensuring top-quality to make our products stronger and better than the rest of the market, to inspire you to want to work out and push your limits.

So here it is. The first Onyx Collection. We hope you love our colour palette and product range.

Coming from an interior design background we see the charcoal as great for loft or warehouse style studios and is associated with stability and reliability.

The beige is a very contemporary colour. We can see lots of beige starting to be used in interiors now.  It is warm colour and comforting colour that will be inviting for your fitness space.

Grey has been one of the most popular colours used in interiors over the last few years. Grey is adaptable and mixes well with lots of other colours. It symbolises trust.

We love the green. It is very current and fresh and will inspire calm and harmony and is a great allrounder.

Blue is bold but serene. It is neutral and connects the masculine with the feminine in a symbiotic way. It will make your work out space light and cool.

We will also be launching new products which will complement our current Collection very soon.

Stay tuned 😊.