Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Always roll your mat up with the PU on the outside.

Your mat is made from sustainable rubber. Rubber is a natural product very like our skin. It absorbs oils and liquids. Please don’t use oils or liquids near your mat or it may get permanently marked.

We suggest storage of your mat could be flat on the floor in a yoga bag or rolled up and put on our oak wall hangers.

Most marks will come out using diluted washing up liquid. We have found you may need to rub the stain and let it dry a few times and it will fade and then disappear.

Always lay the mat flat not in direct sunlight when drying. Creases can appear if the mat is not left flat.

Diluted Zoflora disinfectant or diluted cream cleanser can also be used to keep your mat clean and fresh. Your gorgeous mat is worth your time investment to continue to enjoy it at its best.